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"It's brilliant Mike, a real tour de force So much great information and beautiful photographs. Lots to tuck up with until it's safe to get back out in the hills. Great work, you should be chuffed" @CarlLegge

Praise for Nature of Snowdonia

"May I just say, geology being the complex subject that it is, I find your book to be the most accessible to beginners like myself, particularly with your style of writing. Your teaching background shows! I look forward to purchasing your Mountain Leader book later in the year :)"

Lucy Hann

For some other interesting resources, including some free ones, and the excellent wildflower playing cards you might also wish to visit my friends on-line shop

"It is, without question, the best nature book about the hills and mountains that I’ve read, and I’m only half way through! I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Essential reading for any ML." Mark Reid

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