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Mike Raine’s Outdoor First Aid courses

The potential need to be a first aider is constant concern for outdoor leaders and instructors. Accidents are fortunately quite rare, but because of the environments in which we operate we do need to think carefully about how we might deal with incidents that could be potentially quite serious. This course will help you to not only learn, or refresh, the basic first skills and knowledge, but it will put them in an outdoor context where, for much of the time, we, our group and any casualty remain in some danger.


Special features of this course are

  • I use PDF’s delivered to your mobile instead of PowerPoint led classroom sessions

  • We walk through scenarios instead of painstaking role play

  • Self-assessment takes place within groups of three (moderated by Mike). The underlying philosophy is that it is in everyone interests that everyone else is better at first aid than each other!

  • The course is run on a ‘need to know’ basis. Is not theory or knowledge based it is practically delivered ‘on the hill’ with appropriate skills built slowly and meaningfully. Background knowledge and supporting sources are always available where needed, we’re just not going to sit through lectures.

  • The focus is on what to do in an emergency scenario in a remote location and how to take the lead in such scenarios. It is on how to look after yourself, the group and the casualty. We learn why it is OK to feed our casualties and what to feed them on. We learn why it’s OK to move our casualties, how far to move them and how to move them.

  • We will also consider mental health issues which seem to be on the rise. (This is not an official mental health first aid course merely a consideration of some of the mental health issues which are now appearing on our consent forms)

  • This is a 16hr Outdoor First Aid course as recommended by most outdoor organisations such as Mountain Training

  • The course is a REC Outdoor First Aid (16hrs) course. The REC philosophy is for outdoor practitioners to deliver scenario based first aid courses

We’ll cover

  • Airway issues and CPR

  • Taking the lead in first aid scenarios

  • How to call for help

  • How to deal with common illnesses and support with medications, allergies

  • How to monitor a casualty

  • Bleeding

  • Fractures, sprains and dislocations

  • Mental Health Issues awareness

  • Post incident follow up

  • Bites and stings

We will spend the day outside in a range of outdoor settings so come dressed as though you are going hill walking in whatever the prevailing weather conditions may be. You will need to bring a pack lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided, but you’ll need to bring a packed lunch.


You will receive a goody bag which we will use during the course, but will be free to take away afterwards. It will include: One crepe bandage, one triangular bandage, one wound dressing, one lightweight closed cell foam pad, 2 tick removal tools and a roll of duct tape in a  1l first aid dry bag.


You can pick between


The farm of Teleri Fielden and Ned Feesey in Nantmor, Hafod y llyn Isaf, Snowdonia where will have access to a toilet, tea and coffee making facilities, a covered area and parking


Or Alpkit in Betws y Coed, using their upstairs room as our base. The store offers 10% discount on the day for you.

Or Capel Curig Community Centre (next to the Tyn y Coed)


The course will, however, be predominantly in the open air, we’ll walk and learn.


When and how much?

As I’ve mention elsewhere I’m only intending to run a limited number of these courses in the winter. I just think the other seasons are best spent out there doing whatever it is we do ‘on the hill’. So early booking will be advised. If your renewal date is anytime in 2023, then book one of these courses and your date will be changed to a winter one. Initially, I am only advertising a few courses. Each place will cost £149. Click your preferred date below to book.


    2024  November 18/19th (mon & Tues) Capel Curig


    2024 December 2nd/3rd (Mon & Tues) Alpkit Betws y Coed

    2025  January 18/19th,  (Sat & Sun) Hafod y Llyn Isaf, Nantmor.


   2025  February  6/7th  (Thurs & Fri) Capel Curig

Why me?

I’ve have been the head of first aid at Plas y Brenin and worked alongside a few other key first aid providers. I’ve been working on the hill for many years now and have experienced a range of incidents: for real. I wanted to ‘take control’ of my own first aid courses and deliver them in a practical and inclusive way. First Aid will always be a minority part of my business, I intend to stay as an outdoor practitioner who delivers some first aid training rather than be the other way round. I hope this will emphasise the practical, in the field, realities of outdoor first aid.

Winter Jan 2021 (35).jpg
Teleri's map.png

This map should help you find the farm Hafod y Llyn Isaf.


First Aid Feedback so far…

"I had a fantastic time during the first aid course and would highly recommend it.

The format, dividing the days into common issues and rarer scenarios, felt logical and clear. Day one's focus on real and 'common' issues followed by day two's emphasis on the rarer stuff worked well. I appreciated the gradual buildup, especially on day two, which made dealing with the scarier aspects more manageable.

Your approach of recognising prior knowledge and respecting each participant in the course was evident. While the group was strong, I didn't feel assumptions were made or that tangents hindered the experience. It enhanced the overall learning environment.

As someone who hadn't attended an 'outdoor' first aid course before, I found it effective. The supportive atmosphere within the groups was beneficial. I now feel more confident in administering first aid, and your style, focusing on emotion and practicality over facts, resonated well with me.

I would certainly recommend the course to others. The winter courses sound promising, and I'll encourage anyone renewing their first aid in 2024/5 to book early if it suits them.

I'll also check out your YouTube video and consider your other workshops and I will keep subscribing to you Patreon as I think it’s brilliant!

Thanks again for the informative and engaging course."

Best regards,

Jay graney

When asked if the venue was suitable, participants said…

“Yes. It was beautiful. Great for authentic scenario practice without being too far away from shelter for discussion.”

“I found the venue was possibly the best setting we could have used, really gave a sense of what dealing with casualties would be like in the elements and whilst all in outdoor kit, I think venues such as this are the way forward for outdoor first aid courses”

“Yes, fantastic. Much more realistic than using a village hall or classroom.”

When asked what was the best thing about the course, participants said…

“Location. Chance to learn without stress or anxiety. Knowledgeable and entertaining trainer. The other participants sharing knowledge and experience. Kit tips.”

“The engaging nature of it all and the setting, and of course Mike who explained why we’d do things rather being told ‘that’s what you do’, also the reflective moments after each session where we’d share as a group what scenarios we had gone through were very valuable.”

“Working through the scenarios in the small group without needing to role play. This felt so much more comfortable. Also the breadth of knowledge of Mike and the whole group.”

“Meeting other experienced people and discussing scenarios rather than role play.”

When asked, would you recommend this course to your friends, the participants said…


“Yes. Already recommended to the other leaders.”


“Yes and I already have”

“Yes definitely. Thank you for a brilliant course”


"An excellent and innovative course that delivered realistic scenarios in a relevant setting and focused on pragmatic approaches to deal with injury and unwellness in a remote outdoor environment. Mike Raine exudes experience and knowledge yet carefully ensures everyone makes a contribution and that those contributions are valued."

Thanks for the links and the course - I felt it was excellent and the chat afterwards amongst a few of us was that it was the most enjoyable and practical first aid course any of us had done.

One of the best first aid courses, Mike made everything very clear and simple which is what we need in our context in the hill. Thank you Mike, will book again and recommend.

Mike is a fantastic first aid teacher. He put together a really great itinerary and made the content very relatable and easy to understand for everyone in the group. His wealth of knowledge is very evident and could really talk through every scenario in detail for us. The venue was great and ideal for the outdoor scenarios. Thanks Mike for a really great two days and looking forward to doing my first with you again in the future. See you soon, Jono

Excellent course from Mike - as well as all the standard elements the course really stimulated me to think more about the principles underpinning the first aid techniques and the practicalities of using them in the outdoor environment. The venue was excellent.

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