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"Being a Mountain Leader is so much more than map reading and ropework. This book is aimed at Mountain Leaders and is designed to help them be a better leader once they have the qualification. There is advice herein for trainees and trainers, for the assessed and the assessor. This book moves away from the technical skills gained during training and assessment and focuses on actually being a Mountain Leader. What it does so well is demonstrate what is required to be a good and effective leader after attaining the qualification. Much of the content is also valid for the Hill and Moorland Leader and Lowland Leader holders. "


Only copies bought directly from myself will be signed, come with a free badge and a bookmark.


I'm afraid due to the size of this book it has to be sent as a small parcel rather than as a large letter. This means that the postage cost is higher than the Nature of Snowdonia. You can message me to pick one up or I can bring one a long when we meet (I have a card machine!) if you prefer.


Early feedback…

“A most excellent book, congratulations. A lot of work and a great result.” Simon Gardiner, Mountain Leader.


“I love that it’s not just ‘how to become a mountain leader’ and there’s lots of ‘being a mountain leader’.” Richard Fish of Richard Fish Adventures


“£20 for >50 yrs worth of hill nous condensed in to 351 pages. I got to p.11 and let out a ‘hallelujah’ at the ‘Mountain Leader Line’. An excellent and highly recommended book be you an old sweat, an aspirant ML, or an avid hillwalker. Buy this.” Tomo Thompson CEO Friends of the Peak District and South Yorkshire Open Spaces Society.

The Mountain Leader - a practical manual

Out of stock until 15th August
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