Nature of Snowdonia Environmental Workshops

These workshops are primarily aimed at Mountain Leaders and Instructors or trainees working towards those awards. Anyone working outside with, or leading, groups in the hills or mountains of the UK should, however, find these workshops of interest. We generally attract a like-minded keen group of people who get along with each other giving the day a fun feeling in which to learn.

Whilst the workshops have some key questions, we will respond to whatever the environment and weather throw at us on the day of the workshop. Key questions for the day might include;

What grows here and why? Plants, flowers, lichens, mosses etc.

Why is the geology here so complex?

Did the ice really shape these mountains?

Geomorphology - what's that all about then?

How special are lichens?

How do you identify plants?

Can you tell us a story?

Who farms this land?

Who uses this land?

How are the uplands threatened and how might they change?

You will need to dress for the weather and expect to be 'on the hill' for about five hours. Bring a packed lunch. You will find a digital camera and/or a smart phone, pen/pencil and notebook handy too.

This workshop is eligible for MTA, AMI, BMG and BAIML CPD points.

To book on a Nature of Snowdonia Environmental Workshop please book through Eventbrite on this link

Nature of Snowdonia - Nice to know, need to know? Workshop

In a new venture, Mike Raine is launching the first ‘nice to know, need to know’ environment workshop. This workshop is aimed, at two groups of people. Those who feel they know little about the environment and are a little intimidated about going on a workshop and being overwhelmed with information, and those who are potentially going on to train others about the environment. The idea, is that the two groups look at what is, and what is not, 'need to know' about the environment and what is simply ‘nice to know’. We will work as a team to explore a range of techniques that might be used to teach people what it is they need to know. This workshop is a response to the observation that many people attending workshops already know something of the environment and are keen to expand their knowledge even further, this is always welcome of course but, there is another group of people who we are not reaching, are you in that group? If so, nothing will be expected of you and we will keep to a simple and focussed day. I will use a range of teaching techniques, work with the potential trainers and ensure you leave the day with the following information.

You will understand:

  • Why the geology of Snowdonia is complicated

  • Myths about glaciation will be busted

  • Complex land use issues will be simplified

  • You will learn 8 to 10 plant species

  • Four bird species

  • What a lichen is, why fungi is special and how plant evolution can be seen on hillwalk

No more – no less just what you need to know…

I will introduce somethings which are ‘nice to know’ as well, but the aim of the day is to cover what you ‘need to know’.

You will need to book soon for this workshop that there are only nine places and once they're gone, they're gone. You can also receive a CPD point for attending this workshop if you are MTA, AMI, BAIML or BMG member.

To book a Nature of Snowdonia - Nice to know, need to know? Workshop please book through Eventbrite on this link

"I attended one of your flora and geology walks just prior to my ML assessment a couple of years ago, and found it very informative, inspirational and motivated me to learn more." Leon Haywood 2020 Nature of Snowdonia. Book with confidence.