The Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor Qualifcation


• 2019 first time pass rate is 41% 

• Average total time from registration to successful assessment is 5.6 years

How are you getting on with your journey to becoming a Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor? I, Mike Raine, have been directing, and working, on these courses, both training and assessments for the last 15 years. That means over 50 courses! I can help you. If you have been deferred, or you failed, or maybe you just aren’t sure pre-assessment. Drop me a line and we can go over any aspect of the course. We can chat, we can do practical sessions, I can observe you, whatever works best for you. I will draw up an action plan for you after any session we do. I’m happy to work with pairs, threes or fours, any more gets a bit silly.

It’ll cost you for an eight hour day:

1 to 1 £240

1 to 2 £120 each

1 to 3 £90 each

1 to 4 £75 each

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