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Best photo of the year 2022

In my previous post I told the story of 2022 with a picture per month. In this post I wanted to just share my ten best pics of the year. Always a rather subjective thing to I know and some of you may have seen these on Facebook. I wanted to capture them here as well as the ephemeral Facebook though as I’m rather pleased with these photos.

1. Purple saxifrage in Cwm Idwal

2. Fence post rowan defying the odds near Hollins Cross in the Peak District

3. Highland 550 river crossing near Shenaval Bothy towards Beinn Dearg Mor

4. Snowdon South Ridge with Camborne School

5. Dryad’s Saddle near Llandegla

6. The sheep poo garden

7. Figures in a landscape. I love how the eye is drawn to the two people despite the magnificence of the surroundings

8. Navigation workshop

9. Hen Harrier. I was a long, long way away, handheld on full zoom and was simply lucky that she turned as I clicked revealing a magnificent ring tail. Very satisfying shot of a rare bird on the edge of Llangefni.

10. Sheep. There’s something very moody, but also hardy and stoic about these sheep in the depths of wet winter spell. I like the textures and subtle colours on this one.

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