Are large scale events in the hills all bad?

I dislike large scale charity events in the hills. Too many people all in one place, too much traffic, too much noise, too great an impact. I think the same about large scale commercially organised events in our uplands as well.

But, when I think about it a little bit more, I’ve taken part in my fair share, and risen to meet various standard challenges over the years. The Three Peaks, the Lyke Wake walk and so on. For me, there was another way. As a walker, climber and mountaineer, I sought out the wild, the quiet and generally off the beaten track places. Part of the joy of the hills, the countryside and the coast is, to me, tranquillity. I know I’m not the only one. But does that give me the right to be critical of large scale, organised challenge events? Probably not. But, just to be sure I joined in with one to learn more

I couldn't bring myself to join a national three peaks challenge, the driving and the indifference to the environment, the dominance of time spent driving a motor vehicle, the virtue signal